Is it acceptable to give a kitchen item to a woman?

To be fair, it's a myth that women should be given a kitchen or household item because their job is to cook and take care of kitchen chores. In reality, we've subjected women to the four walls of the kitchen and honestly can not imagine them outside of it.

Women today have tremendous potential for work and can execute activities almost as well as men. Women should not be undervalued, and their abilities, talents, and skills should not be overlooked because who knows? Some tasks are difficult for men to complete while they are quick and easy for women.

So, if women can handle patriarchally designated work and perform men's tasks, why can't men do chores traditionally performed by women, such as washing clothes, cooking food, raising children, and other household activities? Gender is not necessary for jobs or chores. It only requires capabilities and skills that could execute it flawlessly. If this is the case, the course of action is clear! Gender does not determine what jobs he or she should perform.

But as we have a connection from past people and their ideologies, we are developed like them in their traditions and beliefs. Their beliefs never looked at a woman outside of a kitchen. It is always expected from the woman to be remained confined around the four corners and never expose herself to the outer world. This is not a matter that a woman should be gifted by a kitchen item or not - it is the matter of how people perceive women between them.

We are perceiving women as housewives and not our mothers for whom we should show respect and love. We should appreciate the immense potential of the ladies and see them as working women. Just imagine, if they can raise a child which comes up with lots of physical exhaustion as well as mental stress - they can literally confront any task and conduct it under pressure. This is one of the many unavoidable pieces of evidence that proves that a lady is a bearer of immense strength and infinite productivity. 

Global Campaign for Education's slogan, "‘An Equal World Is An Enabled World", promotes gender equality and establishes the balance between the uneven mindsets in the society. Discriminating people on their genders before giving them a chance to perform is completely unfair. They should be tested on the basis of their skills and mental abilities rather than their superficial characteristics. There is no one base of discrimination - but many! Caste, Language, status and wealth also become the reason for it. 

Giving a kitchen product to a woman may feel traditional, but who knows the feeling of the woman being gifted by a kitchen supply. Although the person giving it has a good intention for her, what if the woman who received the gift takes that scenario negatively. For example, if you give an old man a stick on his birthday or wedding anniversary, he will be degraded and will think as an odd-one-out of his society, although you intended to help him with his condition. That is what exactly a woman might think after receiving a gift like that. This sometimes becomes the reason for depression as a woman thinks that she has nothing to do with the outside world and she has come to the world only for doing these kinds of jobs. The lack of gender equality gives women less opportunities in the outside world and has set back many of the women despite their talents and skills. Sexual equality is a human right and an essential part for achieving larger societal, political, and economic development objectives, as made clear in the Agenda for Sustainable Development/Education 2030. Women should be known by their works and contributions to this world and not by their gender or social status.

The process and movement known as "woman empowerment" is striving to create better opportunities for women by giving them specialised training, awareness and education about what the modern world looks like and what they have to do in order to compete in this tech-driven world. An organization named "women going beyond" has set a goal of "planting seeds of change in South-east Asia ''. They have to say that it is not only the women's sector which should be taught and uplifted, but the men and her families should also be taught so that they do not hinder their women's way to her success.

Gift women some happiness and never let them down or make them feel down. Even your intentions may be good, but what the receiver feels matters the most. 

To those who think that if women will do outside jobs who will handle the inner-house jobs - here's the answer! Regarding family size, a 1991 research of three Mexican cities deduced that there was no dramatic increase in the number of children in "housewife families'' vs that of those with women who worked outside the home. Moreover, as a family, it is everyone's responsibility to cope up with the house chores instead of relying on a 'housewife' for that. This cooperation, mutual-understanding and everyone handling their responsibilities at their fullest will greatly contribute to a woman-friendly society.

One might raise a question that a person should be promoted on his abilities and talents and in that context women should also be promoted as a housewife as it is a logical situation that a man should perform what he is best at and the same applies to women. A question may be raised after listening to this explanation: “A man knows the real abilities of a woman behind what she is doing right now”? Because it is questionable that a woman is doing her household tasks willingly or unwillingly? It is true that a considerable population of women loves cooking - but not all and this is where everybody gets misguided and the cycle of arguments repeats!

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