Multifunctional desktop portable fan with Colorful light

  • ☢Night Safety Guarantee & Colorful Atmosphere Light: With a small night light function, it can provide soft lighting, making the interior no longer dark and safer. In addition to the ordinary air supply function, this fan also comes with colorful ambient lights, which can create different visual experiences and increase the indoor atmosphere.
  • ☢Comfortable ventilation experience: With wide angle circulating air supply and 180 degree head swinging function, the indoor airflow is smoother, getting rid of stuffiness and enjoying a comfortable ventilation experience.
  • ☢Multi angle adjustment: Adopting a 180 ° adjustment design, the fan angle can be adjusted more freely to meet different needs.
  • ☢Long term use: Large capacity lithium batteries provide a long-lasting user experience, and the included TYPE-C charging design also makes use more convenient and efficient.
  • ☢Widely applicable occasions: This fan is suitable for various occasions, such as home, office, outdoor, travel, etc., allowing you to enjoy cool and comfortable anytime and anywhere. At the same time, three speed wind regulation can meet different wind speed requirements and be widely applicable to various scenarios.
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