360 Lazy Twist Mop

  • A reusable microfiber pad allows you to clean again and again with the added benefit of being machine washable. It is very easy to disassemble and clean.
  • It extends under and around furniture. Cleans dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places. The rod part is made of stainless steel material.
  • High strength plastic, aluminum mop pole and microfiber mop. Environmentally friendly.
  • Ultra-fine fiber, microfiber mop, has strong adsorption, easily cleans wooden floor tiles, marble.
  • The mop can turn flexibly, clean corners easily, save time.
  • The material used is a high-strength material that ensures the reliability and durability of the mat.
  • Size: As show in picture.
  • Package included: 1*pc.
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