3 pcs Hanging Kitchen Towel

Rs.899.00 Rs.599.00
  • Different color wipes make it easy to distinguish the use of each towel.
  • It has a small hanging loop that can be hung up, so that does not occupy a place and good for draining.
  • Measures from top to bottom 11 inches by 16 inches; Size of Towel Area: 10 x 10 inches
  • Soft Cotton fabric has quick-drying and good water absorption, it suitable for kitchen bathroom hand towel, dish wipe, car wash, table wipe,and so on.
  • Soft coral velvet, it is not easy to scratch your hand,dishes, tables, car body surfaces.
  • High-grade coral velvet with no fade and no dropping that make sure the hand towels are safe to touch and clean the hands, dishes and etc.
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