Auto Foaming Soap Dispenser

  • Automatic induction: Automatic induction bubble, easy to operate, more convenient. Automatic induction of hand sanitizer, no need to touch the pump, just put your hand on the sensor, and you can effectively avoid cross infection without touching the soap.
  • Intelligent automatic liquid soap dispenser: Intelligent automatic liquid soap dispenser, using advanced technology and mechanical sensors to provide superior water saving. In the meantime, intelligent automatic liquid soap dispenser, suitable for various kinds of hand sanitizer.
  • Automatic induction foaming soap dispenser: Automatic induction foaming soap dispenser, no need to touch the pump, just put your hand on the sensor, easy to operate.
  • Sensing foaming soap dispenser automatic: Automatic sensor soap dispenser, infrared sensing foam, dispensing paste, no bacteria, anti-cross infection. Fully touch the sensor, effectively isolate the foaming bacteria and let you enjoy a clean and comfortable hand.
  • Induction foam soap dispenser automatic: Infrared induction bubble, no need to touch the switch, just place your hand on the sensor area, and the dispensing stops.
  • Induction foaming hand washing device: Intelligent induction, foaming hand washing liquid can prevent detergent from damaging the tabletop. Suitable for all kinds of hand sanitizer, can effectively save the space.
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